100% Italian grappa production; our distillery has been producing grappa for three generations following the tradition!

We from the Distilleria Zamperoni have been producing grappa and other spirits for many years, we perfected our technique throughout and we have always been renewing our company to second the market’s requirements and produce better and better grappa.
In Veneto grappa production has always been a cult, our grappa is know and appreciated worldwide; and for this reason we work hard to guarantee a high quality grappa.

What is grappa?
With the term grappa (which derives from grappolo, bunch of grapes) we refer to a brandy made from a marc obtained from grapes produced and vinted exclusively in Italy, distilled only on the national territory.
The quality of a grappa depends mainly on the quality and freshness of the marc itself: it’s important that the marc from which the grappa is made is preserved well after the squeezing, otherwise it may deteriorate with compromises the final taste if the grappa itself.

How is grappa made?
The first phase of production can be made with two different methods depending on the kinds of marc that are going to be used:
– if they are marcs used to make white wine they are let to be fermented separated aside because they are kept in infusion to ferment with the must;
– if they are marcs used to make red wine, they can be used immediately because they have already been fermented.
In the second phase, the marcs are heated to various temperatures until they release a pure alcoholic vapor, which is canalized in a cooling tower and gathered in liquid form in another container.

Distilleria Zamperoni is located in Italy at the meeting point between Padova, Vicenza and Treviso and is easily reachable from Venice and Verona. We produce high quality grappa that we ship in Italy and all over Europe.

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