100% Italian gin production: the market asks for it and we give it to it!

In the optic of following trends to satisfy our consumers, we from Distilleria Zamperoni have introduced in the last years gin production among our other products. Thanks to our passion and competence we created a trending product that meets the market’s requirements, but at the same time it meets the high quality standards that identifies our spirits.

What is gin?
Gin is a strong clear spirit, typically colorless, produced through the distillation of a ferment of obtained from wheat and barley in which a mixture of herbs, spices, plants and roots is macerated: the botanicals. Among these there are also juniper berries that characterize flavor and taste. The name comes from the juniper plants that grow these berries.
It seem that gin was first made in the Netherlands in the middle of the XVII century with the intent of finding a cure for the Dutch soldiers that would get fever in East India. Quickly enough gin spread to the United Kingdom where it quickly spread and reached the peak of productivity, so William III of Orange in 1690 banned the import of foreign spirits, first of all the cognac from their French archenemies to favor the use of cereal surplus to make alcohol for gin distilleries.
Juniper berries give the gin easily recognizable flavor and taste.

How is gin made?
Gin production usually happens by distilling pure alcohol or barley or wheat ferment with juniper berries as flavoring and other varieties of herbs and aromatic roots as: coriander, lemon peel, angelica roots or seeds, licorice, cinnamon etc.
The preparation consists in a demineralized water solution, alcohol, juniper berries and other aromatic substances which are put in a still and then let to rest at a temperature of 40-50°C for three days; then are distilled.
Usually gin is not aged. In case if aging, durmast barrels are used and to the obtained gin the name Golden Gin is given, with an alcoholic content of 44% and a light golden color.

Distilleria Zamperoni is located in Italy at the meeting point between Padova, Vicenza and Treviso and is easily reachable from Venice and Verona. We produce high quality grappa that we ship in Italy and all over Europe.

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