Liquor production for all tastes: for delicate palates and for the lovers of strong tastes!

Other than the great production of spirits, our distillery offers a wide range of liquors and bitter beverages of many flavors. With an almost maniacal attention to the dosage of the various ingredients, we can boast a product line of quality liquors, with a flagship as our licorice liquor prizewinning during the 2014 edition of Sol&agrifood.

Honey liquors
Among our products, stands out for their taste our honey liquors as the great honey grappa, the tasty honey rum and the royal jelly eggnog. Our liquor production is aimed to satisfy all tastes, from the lover of sweet liquors to the expert of the drier liquors.

Aromatic grappas
Amid the liquors we produce, there are also aromatic grappas as the coffee grappa, the prosecco barrique grappa and the amarone barrique grappa.

Fruit liquors
Very sought-after and appreciated, our fruit liquors represent a big part of our liquor production: from the limoncello to the blueberry, from the green apple to the rosolio all the way to the herb bitter and our adored licorice.

Well, yes. Among our liquors we also produce absinthe. Due to the kind of product and its destination, namely cocktail making, we made the bottle and the packaging to have an endearing look. In fact a skull shaped bottle really draws the attention.

Liquor filled fruit jars
As per our tradition, there must be the liquor filled fruit jars: three products and three different tastes, starting from the grapes, continuing to the apricot and ending with the Marostica delicious cherries.

Distilleria Zamperoni is located in Italy at the meeting point between Padova, Vicenza and Treviso and is easily reachable from Venice and Verona. We produce high quality grappa that we ship in Italy and all over Europe.

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