Creme production for every taste: dense and beguiling to cuddle the palate!

Starting from the spirits one could only arrive to the cremes, our distillery offers a wide range of cremes with different tastes to please every palate. Right quantities of various ingredients and patience allow us to offer a good range of quality creams.

Lemon crème
Yellow and dense it wraps the palate giving you a unique pleasure. Our lemon crème is made by selecting the best lemons that emanate notable citrus flavors.

Strawberry crème
Among the cremes we produce there is also the magnificent strawberry flavored one, which is good for the most summer pampered palates.

Melon creme
A summer touch is emanated from our melon crème, for the lovers of the orange fruit it tastes very good and fruity.

Pistachio crème
Another showpiece of out crème collection is without a doubt the pistachio crème. Nice in every season and superlative with out chocolate shot glasses.

Chocolate crème
We can consider it the most pampered of all! Our chocolate crème is a real treat both in summer and winter.

Distilleria Zamperoni is located in Italy at the meeting point between Padova, Vicenza and Treviso and is easily reachable from Venice and Verona. We produce high quality grappa that we ship in Italy and all over Europe.

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